Asymptote designs amphitheatre that responds to environment

Asymptote designs amphitheatre that responds to environment

Asymptote, the architects behind the striking Viceroy Hotel in Abu Dhabi, is to design the ‘Parco Degli Angeli’ (Park of Angels) in the Italian hill town of Peccioli.

It features a 800-seat amphitheatre and various interactive sculptures, including numerous places that allow for viewing the surrounding countryside.

The architects described the project as “a unique opportunity to intervene within a pristine landscape and to make evident the possibility of juxtaposing a provocative and inspired future against a remarkable and historical significant context.”

Responding to the environment through a kinetic canopy, the amphitheatre’s white tensile fabric cladding transforms through a system of apertures and directional funnels that serves to mediate airflow and daylight. In the meantime, embedded photovoltaics harness energy from solar exposure.

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