Assila Hotel, Jeddah to feature Saudi Arabian artists

Assila Hotel, Jeddah to feature Saudi Arabian artists

More than 2,000 pieces of artwork to be featured as part of the interior design of the Saudi hotel, operated by Rocco Forte Hotels

Local art is set to play a major role in the design of the Assila Hotel, Jeddah by the Rocco Forte Hotels group, set to open in Q3 2016.

Lydia Forte, bar and restaurant development manager at Rocco Forte Hotels, said at Arabian Travel Market: “What makes this hotel really special and part of what gives it its local authentic identity is the amazing collection of more than 2,000 pieces of artwork by local Saudi artists, which are in the hotel.”

She revealed that the owners played a key role in developing the collection. “An incredible amount of thought has gone into the selection of each piece. Not only are there extremely talented artists showcased in the hotel but each piece fits the location and has a meaning,” explained Forte.

One of the pieces Forte revealed at a press conference was titled ‘Journey of a Lifetime’ created by Saudi Arabian artist Maha Malluh. The piece has been created with antique luggage boxes which women used to keep their clothes or personal items in Saudi Arabia.

“It’s an homage to Lady Zainab, also known as Lady Cobbold, who was the first British woman on record to perform the hajj. It’s very fitting for us to be a British hotel coming to the Middle East to have this in the lobby,” added Forte.

Rocco Forte Hotels vice president sales and marketing Christian Renz also focused on the design of the hotel. He said the hotel was “art-driven”, with the group’s deputy chairman and director of design Olga Polizzi (who is Sir Rocco Forte’s sister) having worked with Martin Brudnizki on the interiors.

Renz added: “The hotel has a contemporary design, yet the Arabic personality of the design comes through.”



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