Artists to take over Qatar fire station

Artists to take over Qatar fire station

Doha Fire Station is to be transformed into an artist in residence programme under a project by the Qatar museums Authority led by Qatari architect Ibrahim Al Jeidah, who has  said  he plans to retain much of the original building.

It will present the opportunity for exchanges between local artists, academia, the community and the flourishing art scene. It will provide 24 studios and gallery space for exhibition and community interaction.

Noor Abuissa, assistant curator of the authority, said: “The gallery space will support local artists whether in residence or not and allow for cultural dialogue and exchange between artists in Qatar and the rest of the world.

The nine-month Artist in Residency programme will first open to citizens and residents and later to regional artists.

Hala Al Khalifa, who is running the project said: “The Doha Fire Station is a building of great importance to the community; it has served the community the 30 years and will continue to do so through arts with a new identity. Our goal is to support artists in Qatar and provide a platform for creative exchange.”

The station was used by the fire brigade until late 2012 when it was scheduled for preservation.

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