Architects use aliminium slats to cover exterior of Kuwait house

Architects use aliminium slats to cover exterior of Kuwait house

Kuwait City-based Studio Toggle used vertical aliminium slats for exterior and windows of a house in Kuwait, providing shade and privacy for the residents.

The Lantern House has a pool on one edge so the architects used angled fins to screen it from passersby. The house itself it located in Al Salaam, a newly developed residential area in Kuwait.

“Our core idea was to use the pool to cool the interiors, as it was done in old Kuwaiti houses, and the aluminium screens around the house provide shade, as well as one-way views outside,” architect Gijo Paul George told design and architecture blog,  Dezeen.

The studio picked to work with aliminium rather than wood due to its ability to withstand sun. It is completed in cement plaster on masonry with white weatherproof paint, helping it reflect sunlight.

The Lantern House is Studio Toggle’s first completed project, after being approached by the owner to re-work a design for the site that he has completed.

“Rather than starting from scratch, which meant huge delays and cost overruns, we proposed a series of measured modifications, through which we achieved the goals of a completely new design, at the same time staying within the obtained planning permits,” explained George.


Photography is by Gijo Paul George.

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