Architects must have voice in UK future after Brexit

Architects must have voice in UK future after Brexit

Members of the Royal Institute of British Architects must have a “strong voice” in the future of the UK, following the country’s exit from the European Union.

The referendum was split 52% in favour of leave, and 48% remain and when the result was a devastating reduction in the value of the pound as stocks and shares plummeted..

Following the result, many architects and designers expressed concern for the direct impact the uncertainty over the next few years would affect their business and employees.

RIBA put out a statement addressing the uncertainty over withdrawal and seeking to reassure the industry.

“In common with other UK businesses and organisations, the RIBA is assessing the short and longer term effect of the withdrawal on our members and the Institute and we will provide further guidance in due course,” said president Jane Duncan.

“Most importantly, we will work with colleagues in industry and government to ensure that architects have a strong voice in the coming weeks, months and years.”

Other designers reacted with alarm.

“All those questions left hanging by those leading the drive towards leaving the EU will now have to be answered,” the partners at Rogers Stirk Harbour said in a statement.

“This result is not only significant for our practice but especially for the important proportion of our staff for whom this is not only a signal of a new, less open Britain but one that may lead to real and practical changes in their lives.”

But others adopted a more positive view saying the level of political engagement around the referendum was positive.

“Of course I’m extremely disappointed, but I have to respect the majority decision,” said Amanda Levete, architect and founder of AL_A. “The debate has engaged the nation, especially younger people, and it can only be a positive to see people talking passionately about the future.”

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