Architects design their own rural retreat

Architects design their own rural retreat

Spanish architects Josemaria de Churtichaga and Cayetana de la Quadra-Salcedo have built themselves a countryside retreat in the middle of a green  sloping meadow.

Wooden walls, projecting terraces, and a yellow door and chimney  are all features of the Four Seasons House.

It has been built on land the architects purchased in 2002.

“After 12 years of contemplation, we decided to build a tiny house there, a refuge, a piece of landscape as a frame, a small inhabited threshold with two views, east and west,” they explained.

The architects developed the design around a yellow colour in response to the shades of flowers, leaves, bark and lichen that they’ve spotted in the landscape across the changing seasons.

“This is a humanised landscape of meadows, walls, ash, streams – a small-scale landscape, minimal, almost domestic, and where absolutely everything happens in yellow,” they said.

Part-buried in the hillside, the two-storey house was built from wooden beams that slot around one another to create alternating corner joints.

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