Architect unveils revolutionary solar-powered yacht

Architect unveils revolutionary solar-powered yacht

A futuristic yacht has been designed by architect Margot Krasojevic which is powered by solar panels on its sails.

The Fresnel Hydrofoil Trimaran, set for construction this year at an estimated cost of $15m, has been created for Holden Manz wine estate in Franschoek, South Africa.

Krasojevic says the clients are racing fans, but will also use the yacht for cruising.

The vessel can convert from a racing trimaran to a single-hulled cruising boat with a set of fold-out hydrofoils to lift the main hull out of the water, reducing water resistance by up to 80% and creating a faster and smoother ride.

It has a rigid carbon fiber composite sail to generate wind energy and ensure higher speeds and smoother rides.

“The yacht attempts to run self-sufficiently,” Krasojevic said. “The smart materials and vacuum formed PVcU cladding is currently being tested for solar efficiency with the aim of starting build in April 2015.

“The boat transforms from racing multihull trimaran to a cruise boat for leisure it harnesses renewable energy to run its motors.”

The next stage of the design attempt to use kinetic movement to contribute to running the yacht as well as recycling the carbon fibre materials to reduce the environmental damage caused during curing.’

Energy-harnessing innovations are Krasojevic’s specialty with other projects including a floating wine bar in Paris that harnesses natural light and uses etched glass to resemble a bottle of bubbles.

She has also designed a “jetway hotel” that can be wheeled up to the door of an aircraft so passengers need not leave the airfield for short stays.

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