Architect to develop sustainability in Kazakhstan

Architect to develop sustainability in Kazakhstan

Danish architect and urban design consultant Jan Gehl is set to design improvements to Kazakhstan’s largest city Almaty

Gehl worked as an urban design consultant all around the world including his hometown Copenhagen, New York, Moscow and London.

His projects for the city include sustainable transport solutions, especially cycle lanes.

Gehl first arrived in Almaty back in 2013 and stated: “Your city has a huge potential. It is good that it has wide streets; it means they can be divided into a pedestrian alley, cycling track and traffic road. I would like to point out that Almaty is a green city.

“Having a lot of trees is a huge advantage. But when I arrived there was a lot of snow and didn’t see anything green, however it is still beautiful. Talking with Almaty’s Mayor I understood that cycling is being promoted in the city.”

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