Architect students work hardest, study says

Architect students work hardest, study says

Architecture students have always complained – or boasted – that they work harder than any other trainee professionals.

Well, recent figures seem to back that claim up.

Indiana University’s National 2016 Study of Student Engagement (NSSE), has revealed architecture students were found to work an average of 22.2 hours per week outside the lecture hall, more than 2.5 hours more than any other.

The numbers in the study represent the average amount of time spent preparing for class each week, including studying, reading, writing, and doing homework or lab/studio work.

The numbers were gathered from student surveys conducted over the past year, and include newcomers and seniors.

Following architecture, engineering and physics were found to be the subjects with the highest time requirements, while sports and leisure management demanded the least out-of-class time, at around 11 hours per week.

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