Architect set to transform central Shanghai

Architect set to transform central Shanghai

Australian architect Stewart Hollenstein has been given the job of transforming the North Bund region of Shanghai, China and making it into a cultural destination.

The Bund is a waterfront area in the centre of the city, and the hope is that improving its layout will act as a catalyst for the transformation of the surrounding areas.

The “North Bund – City for People” project was presented by the designer at the China Australian Urban Forum in Shanghai last month.

This brought together experts from China and Australia to discuss issues such as livability, sustainability, infrastructure and preservation.

The project includes the creation of a People’s Avenue through the heart of the Bund, reclaiming a street for pedestrians and providing a framework for the development of the district.

The People’s Avenue will “flip the standard Shanghai development paradigm where public spaces are an afterthought, instead placing them at the heart of the vision, and then framed by development” said the design team.

Development will be spread across a series of sites within the North Bund and lower Hongkou District zone across a 2.7km east–west trajectory, which the architect describes as a “cultural spine”.

The plan identifies sites for the location of venues including the Shanghai food market hall, city library and library square and galleries and museums.

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