Architect re-imagines London landmarks in sketches

Architect re-imagines London landmarks in sketches

Urban designer Anna Gibb has recreated London with dinosaurs and drones in a new exhibition of sketches, as part of the city’s Festival of Architecture.

The exhibition is also providing space and tools for Londoners to join in and draw their favourite spots in the city.

The drawings on display include the new Tate building, The Savoy Hotel, Millennium Bridge and the Shard overtaken by a T-Rex.

Gibb has sketched skylines and scenes from London and Glasgow, to Havana and Florence, documenting her time living in each city.

She said: “There’s quite a few based on my journey to work, including the Millennium Bridge which I have turned into the ‘Shoogly’ Bridge because it used to wobble when it first went up.

“London is just so varied and layered. My bigger drawing of London was very difficult to do because I wanted to encapsulate everything that I thought about London in one drawing.

“There’s so much going on – through history, present and in the future – that trying to incorporate everything into one drawing was quite daunting. But I love London – I can’t imagine ever running out of inspiration.”

The exhibition at the DreamSpace Gallery on 3 Dufferin Street runs until June 30, 2016.

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