Architect, Italo Rota designs nightclub at Byblos Hotel, Tecom

Architect, Italo Rota designs nightclub at Byblos Hotel, Tecom

Byblos Hospitality, Cavalli Club, CEO, Italo Rota, Jean Samman, The Chameleon nightclub

Italo Rota, best known for his work on creating the interior design of the Cavalli Club in the Fairmont Hotel, Dubai, has been employed by Jean Samman, CEO, Byblos Hospitality to design The Chameleon nightclub.

The Euro 4.5m venue has been under construction for two years and will be complete in September.

The design brief for the designer was to create something unique and different to anything else in Dubai.

A 6.5 metre by 5.5 metre chameleon covered in 15,000 LEDS with a tongue that rolls across a heart shaped ceiling, stands tall over the bar as the main centrepiece of the club and with over 30,000 LED lights, the lighting will change colour in time with the music.

There will also be acrylic custom-made LED boxes on the walls and ceilings creating the perception of never-ending walls.

Rota said all his ideas stem from the chameleon itself, which is seen as a dragon, a reptile, something to be scared of, but, the beautiful creature is actually a loving animal, a cuddly pet even. He wanted to capture the characteristics of the chameleon, such as the colour changing, as the concept for the club.

“I had this image for a while about the chameleon and how it changes colour and the significance of such a wonderful thing,” he said.

“This started as my inspiration, which has revolved into this fantastic place that is like nowhere else. Your mind will be blown away by the lights, colours and atmosphere and this is exactly the effect we wanted to achieve.”

Samman said the quirky interior offers something different for clubbers in Dubai. With VIP rooms and a separate restaurant each room offers a different atmosphere and concept.

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