Architect goes Beyond the Wall

Architect goes Beyond the Wall

A building material designed to recreate the appearance and texture of naturally occurring materials has been used in a sculpture by architect Daniel Libeskind, who created the masterplan for rebuilding of the World Trade Center site in New York.

Dekton has been created by Spanish company Cosentino and is a man-made material which looks and feels like stone, wood, leather or various metals.

Currently being marketed from the company’s Dubai base its designers say it has been manufactured to “unlock the creativity of architects”.

It can be used in exterior design and for interior fittings and surfaces.

Libeskind has used slabs of the material for the facades, interior walls and floors of his creation “Beyond the Wall” – a spiral which he said “explores different trajectories before twisting to a dramatic zenith” and is set outside the company’s headquarters in Almeria, Spain.

The firm’s president Francisco Martinez-Cosentino said; “I feel very honoured that Daniel Libeskind has chosen Dekton for his creation. Our aim is for this surface to suit any design request.”

A temporary version of this sculpture was showcased in Milan’s Statale University during the city’s  Design Week 2013.

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