Architect draws up Mars city plans

Architect draws up Mars city plans

Plans for a human settlement on the planet Mars have been drawn up by a Turkish architect

Gulay Yedekci has designed a extraterrestrial community which could one day be home to human beings .

The red planet – so-called due to the red iron oxide existing on its surface – has made the headlines recently as NASA scientists and the Dutch-based Mars One foundation revealed plans to send people there for the first time.

Yedekci, associate professor at the Faculty of Architecture at Istanbul’s Yeni Yuzyil University, lectures in “Future Architecture.”

She began the “Mars Road” project in 2013 and, together with an eight-strong team, completed the concept in around two years.

“We’ve designed bell jar-shaped cities, which will include multistory buildings and underground places linked to each other,” said Yedekci.

“Underground places will be built in order to protect from meteor attacks or any threats.”

According to the draft project, shopping centres, homes, farms and almost every kind of facility will exist in the living area.

The design also envisages greenhouses and farms to produce oxygen to support life.

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