Archimedia develops interactive showroom

Archimedia develops interactive showroom

International technology giant, Archimedia, has recently developed its working showroom in Oud Metha, Dubai, where customers can now get the full experience of the company’s expertise.

Having been located in the same location for nearly 10 years, Peter Aylett, technical director, Archimedia, notes that while the company looked to relocate it ultimately decided that it wasn’t a trend-following company, but rather one that would always be sought out.

Aylett explains: “About two years ago, we started the conversation about possibly moving, because once upon a time, this was the centre of the universe and there were loads of passing cars but now Dubai has shifted.

We couldn’t find somewhere that was reasonably priced and that fit our space needs, and anyways we concluded that we’re not a ‘passing trade’ kind of company. We’re a company that people seek out and come to see us. So that was sorted and we chose to spend some money on this place.”

The space has always been a working showroom, but recent renovations have revived the space and brought it up to date.

Today, the entrance level houses the technology testing area, where experts work out the ideal solutions for various sound systems, as well as other displays that boast more basic television sets and stereos. The entrance level, according to Aylett houses the pieces that need minimal time to install. The second level of the showroom is where more high-technology set-ups have been located.

The second level boasts four to five rooms that have different experiences on offer. It’s where you’ll find technology that requires being integrated into the fabric of the building. From at home cinemas to three-dimensional sound systems, to speakers hidden by plaster or translucent fabric, Archimedia’s showroom provides something to meet just about any need.

Aylett explains: “If you’re spending a decent amount of money on sound equipment and speakers, you really need to take the time to decide what’s right for you. What’s better—an Audi, BMW or Mercedes? They’re all fantastic, but it really comes down to personal preference. It’s about what feels right for you.”

From middle to high-end brands, Archimedia’s showroom displays a number of products from brands like LG, Bowers & Wilkens and Wisdom Audio. Designers and customers alike that purchase systems from Archimedia aren’t getting a boxed television set, rather they’re getting an entire system that’s been programmed to perfectly suit their needs and deliver the cleanest, sharpest sound.

“The way the industry is going, people know companies like us for technology in the home. But really, it’s now becoming technology for the individual. You will get up in the morning and you’ll use technology in your home, you’ll get into a car and you’ll use technology, you’ll get to your office and you’re still using technology,” says Aylett.

“So what we’re doing now is making that whole experience seamless. So wherever you go in your life, your technology, your content and your stuff and the way you like to do things follows you around where you go. It’s technology for people rather than technology for the home.”

Aylett further notes that while a lot of the technology on display is for individuals, corporate agencies benefit quite a lot as better technology that’s used in boardrooms and so forth, create a convenient atmosphere at the office.

Archimedia has showrooms across the MENA region including international cities like Dubai, Cairo, Riyadh, Casablanca and Beirut, with each one of the showrooms staying true to the Archimedia brand image. While the company looks to create a consistency throughout the various Archimedia locations, the Dubai one in Oud Metha hosts a number of art pieces hung throughout the space, which creates a gallery-type feel.

Omar Hikal, Archimedia’s CEO, explains: “The artwork throughout the space is a result of a collaboration with an art gallery called Artspace. And we plan on having revolving art collections in the space and doing exhibits for artists and photographers.”

The artwork throughout the space isn’t the company’s only foray into the art world. According to Aylett, the showroom’s open layout will bode well for the company’s interest in hosting art and music events.

Aylett explains: “The reason the space is like this, with loads of open area is because we want to offer it as an events space as well, so we’ve been having talks with jazz trios, string quartets, artists…it’s as much of an art gallery or events space as anywhere else.”

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