Pictures: APID announces Festival of Interior Design 2012 plans

APID admits it made mistakes in its inaugural Festival of Interior Design (FoID) event last year but said instead of criticising, interior designers need to get behind the association to show their support.

More than 30 members attended the first APID (Association of Professional Interior Designers) meeting of the year at The Pavilion, Downtown  Dubai.

It provisionally plans to launch 11 events to mark FoID in November, including an official launch date,  its first Design Expo, and is now calling for companies and individuals to sponsor them and become committee members.

“We want to learn from our shortfalls last year. We know that some people think it’s too big a dream but you have to start somewhere to make an event like this happen and to grow year on year,” said Farida Al Awadhi, president, APID.

“We made mistakes but if you don’t do anything and don’t learn by them then how can you improve yourselves.”

Founding member, Hazem El-Khatib, managing partner, Design Design Interior Services, said the 11 events this year include; a Design Congress, Design Expo, a design competition for professionals, an APID feature to be announced, partner events, a FoID shopper event, mall activities, seminars and workshops, one to one interviews and a gala dinner.

“The financial backing is difficult, but with the Design Expo we want to do something new to give a bigger scope to what we are trying to do,” he said.

“APID will invite individuals from around the world who have won awards for a unique product to display at the Expo, which will in turn expand our knowledge of what is around us. It will focus not just on the UAE and MENA but other countries, where they can add value and create an interest for designers.”

Al-Awadhi said the goal is to educate others about the importance of what interior designers do. She said it did consider running FoID in conjunction with Index, same as last year, but the tradeshow at DWTC has now moved to September and they felt this was too close to the summer when people had just returned from holiday.

“The Festival has to be two-fold; for professional interior designers and to educate the community at large because at the end of the day they are our clients. Dubai is a design hub and we need other countries to come to us so that we can educate them about interior design in the region. We need a bigger presence with more support from local professionals,” she added.

APID’s next meeting is provisionally set for February 22, to discuss ways to improve the association and welcomes all feedback from designers in the region. To sponsor APID and become a committee member email

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