Apical Reform’s installation pays homage to rise of Dubai

Apical Reform’s installation pays homage to rise of Dubai

India-based Apical Reform design studio debuts at this year’s Design Days Dubai with its Sonuslexica installation. Described by the design team as an ode to Dubai and “its meteoric rise on the world stage”, Sonuslexica marks studio’s latest exploration into Sound Wave technology.

For the installation, the studio will invite a cross-section of UAE nationals and expats to record the words peace, harmony, diversity, respect, growth and happiness in their native languages and dialects.

Sound Wave technology will enable the design team to manifest the words as 3D visualisations of the sound samples.

“Through digital fabrication, the visualised sound samples will then be transformed into wooden totems. The shape of each totem will remain true to sonic waves produced by the words,” explains Amrish Patel, principal and founder of Apical Reform.

Taking the form of an iceberg, the installation will offer visitors an immersive experience as they interact with a tangible representation of the spirit of the Emirate.

“Walking into the installation space where bespoke light and soundscapes enhance the experience, visitors will be able to appreciate how principles of transparency, solidarity and harmony have contributed growth of the city,” adds Patel.

A composition of the wooden totems created by sound wave technology forms the base of the installation. The installation is composed of three sections – the root, the sky and the sea – representing the soul of a city that respects its resources and continually aims for greater heights.

Patel continues: “The root is a metaphor for the city strengthened and nourished by its values of peace, respect, growth and happiness.

“Architecture is a critical benchmark for the evolution of a civilisation, silently recording its advancements in thought and technology. A stylised skyline of Dubai, extolling its world-famous architectural landmarks rises from sand dunes at the top of the installation.”

Founded in 2011, the studio has worked on a vast scale of projects, ranging from designing collectable furniture and bespoke design-art pieces.


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