Ancient Turkish hospital restored

Ancient Turkish hospital restored

A team of Turkish architects working alongside local authorities in the central Anatolian city of Kayseri have completed the restoration of one of the first purpose-designed hospitals in the world.

The Gevher Nesibe Dar-ul-Shifa will now be used as a museum exhibiting artifacts from the Seljuk era of Medieval times.

Originally built in 1206 by Sultan Ghiyath al-Din Kaykhusraw, the building was named after the Sultan’s sister.

The hospital was restored by the General Directorate of Foundations with the support of Erciyes University’s Faculty of Architecture but the designs were not popular as they were considered to not properly reflect the structure’s history.

So its original form was then restored under the direction of the Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality.

Seljuk art, architecture, science and attire will be exhibited along with information about the Seljuk Empire, which ruled much of Anatolia, Lebanon, Iraq and Iran.

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