American architect Leo James D’Aleo dies, aged 75

American architect Leo James D’Aleo dies, aged 75

Architect Leo James D’Aleo, from Baltimore USA has died of congestive heart failure at the age of 75.

Born in New York and raised in Philadelphia, he earned a bachelor’s degree in architecture from North Carolina State University and a master’s degree in architecture from Columbia University.

He also studied urban planning at the University of Rome while on a scholarship.

D’Aleo joined the office of Philadelphia architect Vincent Kling, where he learned how to run an architecture studio. He worked with Kling until 1966, when he was drafted into the US Army.

After his military service he then moved to Baltimore and joined the firm Tatar & Kelly, where he designed the Waxter Center for Senior Citizens. Colleagues noted the dark-brick structure contained curved walls that became D’Aleo’s trademark.

“He had an expressive design talent,” said Walter Schamu, a fellow Baltimore architect. “He was bold in his designs and in his thoughts. He was expansive about what he liked and did not like. He could be outspoken.”

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