Alien-like building proposed for Peru

Alien-like building proposed for Peru

B+U Architects, a Los Angeles-based firm known for its innovative techniques and materials, has designed a tower project in Lima, Peru, entitled the Animated Apertures Housing Tower.

The inspiration for the design was derived from the emphasis of architecture that blends nature and technology with a focus on natural patterns, movements and colours. According to the architects, its design aesthetic embraces incongruence, disruption and deformation rather than homogeneity and parametric smoothness.

Animated Apertures attempts to rethink and redesign the DNA of the window in terms of function, components, appearance and materiality. The apertures function as inhabitable spaces or thresholds between interior and exterior that respond to environmental forces such as sun and wind and exploit potential energetic exchanges between the natural and built environments.

The overall structure is a cast in place concrete slab and core structure with most of the exterior enclosure made of cast in place concrete. The rough textured concrete shell contrasts sharply with the highly articulated fiberglass composite apertures that are translucent and illuminated with LEDs from within, giving the tower a distinguished colourful glow at night.

In addition, the new window frames will be coated with thin solar film that produces significant solar energy for the building. B+U’s hope is that with these special technological components, Animated Apertures will help revolutionise and redefine the built environment so that buildings become less invasive and instead become closer to functioning as adaptable organisms.

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