AGi’s wooden house blends into landscape

AGi’s wooden house blends into landscape

AGi architects has designed a prototype wooden prefabricated house specifically designed to be placed in natural environments, being integrated into the landscape and requiring minimal building.

 The structure will be covered by vegetation that will climb over its walls and roofs, allowing the architecture to fade into the natural environment.

AGi’s  project is divided into three spaces. On one hand a central core in which wet-areas are located. The other two areas are set parallel at both sides of the centre, including the rest of the living spaces.

 The roof stands out as a significant element, referring to the country house and the cottage. It brings together the three volumes and provides the project with a recognisable image.

 Wood is as viable alternative or more than concrete and steel materials due to it is easily recyclable and a renewable raw material.

The energy required to produce a cubic meter of structural wood is 50 times less than that required by the steel and a quarter of the concrete. So it is now more important than ever to make the best use of it and minimise the ecological footprint of any building.


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