Aedas reveals dragon-inspired designs for Chinese complex

Aedas reveals dragon-inspired designs for Chinese complex

Aedas, China, Hengqin headquarters, Hong Kong, Zhuhai

Aedas has recently revealed its Phase II designs for the Hengqin Headquarters Complex in Zhuhai, China, a southern territory often referred to as the Chinese Riviera.

The project’s sit is located on an island that sits near the Lotus Bridge, which links Zhuhai to Macau, and overlooks some of the largest resorts across the Pearl River Delta. Its main buildings have drawn inspiration from the traditional Chinese flood dragon, which symbolises the convergence of talent from Zhuhai, Macau, Hong Kong and Shenzhen at Hengqin.

Set to be an integrated cultural tourism-oriented complex with two high-rise Grade-A office towers, the headquarters will also include retail, banquet, entertainment and leisure venues.

Alluding to the myth of two dragons and a pearl, the design of the two skyscrapers is inspired by the painting ‘Nine Dragons’, which dates back to the southern Sung Dynasty.

According to a statement released by Aedas, “In ancient Chinese myths, the totem of two dragons chasing for a pearl symbolises good fortune and happiness. Design of the two towers and the small banquet building in between took reference from this totem. The towers portray a sense of strength and power with a façade that shimmers under the sun; while the banquet building looks like an exquisite pearl.”

The complex’s podium design was inspired by the Lotus Bridge, and resembles a blooming lotus flower with its ‘leaves’ wrapping around the shopping centre and retail streets.

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