Aedas to design Dubai-esque tower for Shanghai

Aedas to design Dubai-esque tower for Shanghai

Architects Aedas has won a competition to design a twisting tower, reminiscent of Dubai Cayan Tower, for Shanghai, China.

The Xuhui Binjian Media City 188S-G-1 Tower, rising up to 155 metres, will gradually twist from its central axis as it towers upwards.

Aedas revealed: “It begins with an extruded rectangular plan. Going upward, the west wall is gradually warped to accommodate the subway setback that cuts off the corner of the otherwise square project side; and the north wall is warped to the east.”

The tower’s façade will consist of three glass panels that are angled in four different directions in order to reflect light and mimic a media screen.

Aesdas further explained: “Curtain wall details were then developed to accommodate small differences in glass sizes and four different aluminium million angles to minimise cost and fabrication time.”

The project will also include a podium platform located at the base of the tower, used as a public green space that floats above glass boxes housing retail, restaurant and café units.

The completion date for the project is planned for 2015.

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