Ad office gets striking redesign

FINE Design Group has recently completed their new office design by Boora Architects, unveiling a fresh and lively new workspace in Portland, Oregon.

The office’s layout includes three core zones including the “Barn”, a sizable kitchen and a lounge area, in addition to private and open workstations.

Located on the west end, the Barn is a three-pronged room which maintains two offices and a conference room. Its unconventional shape allows for interesting space usage of its immediate exterior space, like the billiard table that is cornered off, providing a private leisure area.

The kitchen makes for a great gathering spot, with its spacious design and custom wooden island. Tiles from Health Ceramics are glossed in matte and glass and make for a harmonious connection between floor and wall.

Floating shelves line the interior of the kitchen, offering modern storage solutions for dishes and snacks.

On the east end, a walnut-clad bookcase lines a lounge area, which faces the print and copy zone. Complete with comfortable couches and curtains, the lounge area is a nice environment change for those who use laptops, or simply need a quick time-out.


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