Abu Dhabi Municipality opens road design platform

Abu Dhabi Municipality opens road design platform

The Abu Dhabi City Municipality (ADM) has compiled and launched a platform that allows submittal of roads layout data standards using Geographic Information Systems (GIS).

This e-service is aimed at upgrading services and expanding e-services on regular basis.

An induction workshop was conducted to educate users about the system at the municipality’s headquarters in Abu Dhabi.

The workshop was attended by more than 80 representatives engaged in road and infrastructure projects, including engineers, draftsmen, contractors, and consultants.

The team of the Municipal Infrastructure and Assets Sector and ADM’s Spatial Data Division have developed this service which enables contractors and consultants to submit layouts data via the GIS.

The municipality reviewed the data compilation mechanism and data submittal methods as per the new standards, in addition to the quality control tool designed to carry out the process of auditing and issuing reports to avoid errors.

ADM has called upon contractors and consultants to follow the roads data submittal process via the GIS during and the delivery and completion phases of road projects.

Revising these standards is crucial as it will provide an asset database and make it easier for consultants and contractors to submit their executive layouts of network assets online, besides contributing to updating the municipal asset database in general.

The Municipality will provide contractors with sub-documents with respect to the submittal of road layouts data standards via GIS, including a document related to the road layouts data submittal mechanism, as built; CAD file including structure of data inventory and data layers and Quality Control Tool, to carry out the process of auditing and issuing reports in case of errors.


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