Abu Dhabi Art to feature building made from chairs

Abu Dhabi Art to feature building made from chairs

The creation of Tadashi Kawamata’s sculptural installation, Chairs for Abu Dhabi, has begun, roughly a month before Abu Dhabi Art opens to the public on 7 – 10 November.

The art work is constructed from hundreds of chairs stacked in layers, forming a six metre-high structure.

Chairs for Abu Dhabi is designed as a contemplative space for storytelling, discussion and workshops.

The interior area itself will be a lively space furnished with floor-cushions to allow people the freedom to move and arrange as they wish.

Born in 1953 in Hokkaido, Japan, Kawamata produces installations in-situ, constructed in wood. These include foot bridges, towers and gigantic huts.

Chairs for Abu Dhabi is brought to Abu Dhabi Art by gallery kamel mennour as part of the fair’s 2012 BEYOND section which includes larger installations and sculptures.

In the interim periods, it will be a place for people to gather, rest and learn more about craft and design through a collection of books and journals.

Image: Tadashi Kawamata, Le Passage des Chaises II, 2007, Work in situ. Wooden chairs, installation view,  Reims, 2007 © Tadashi Kawamata.

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