A new exhibition at New York’s Cooper Hewitt museum explores multi-sensory design

A new exhibition at New York’s Cooper Hewitt museum explores multi-sensory design

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New York’s Cooper Hewitt Museum is hosting an exhibition titled, The Senses: Design Beyond Vision exhibition, which will be on view from April 13 through October 28, 2018. The exhibition invites visitors to experience sensorial design through several interactive installations, created in collaboration with contemporary designers.

It ranges from a furry wall with digital sensors that play music to a scent commission by Christopher Brosius inspired by winter. The exhibition includes products by more than 65 designers and teams, which examine how multi-sensory design boosts everyone’s ability to receive information and solve problems, including those with sensory disabilities.

“Across all industries and disciplines, designers are avidly seeking ways to stimulate our sensory responses to solve problems of access and enrich our interactions with the world,” says Cooper Hewitt Director Caroline Baumann in a press statement. Within the inclusive environment created for the exhibition, there will be over 40 touchable objects, as well as audio and visual descriptions of the works on view, to ensure the exhibition will be welcoming to visitors of all abilities, an important step forward in our ongoing commitment to making Cooper Hewitt accessible to everyone. The projects on view activate touch, sound, smell, taste, sight and physical experience. Some of the exhibits include a digital animation, which translates bird songs into bursts of colour and motion; a light installation, which changes from cool to warm in response to visitors’ movements; and unusual vessels reveal the sonic and tactile properties of materials. Using the olfactory senses, unique scents merge with materials, textures and words to build new memories and associations.

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