3drModels create Egypt’s new capital in miniature

3drModels create Egypt’s new capital in miniature

Egypt’s plans for a new capital city can now be seen in miniature following the creation of intricately detailed three dimension small scale renderings by 3drModels.

They show the road layout, infrastructure, residential area, high rise structures and the surrounding expanse of landscape of the new capital  which is to be developed on a land area of around 700km2 located between Cairo and the Red Sea.

Architects SOM are the designers of the new urban development.

The proposed city would have “large green spaces, an international airport, a theme park four times bigger than Disneyland in California, 90 square kilometres of solar farms, and an electric train” link with Cairo, according to Egypt’s housing minister Mustafa Kamel Madbuli.

SOM’s city planners say they have developed the initial framework and core principles of a sustainable new city which is intended to relieve the congestion of Greater Cairo’s high-density population that is expected to double by 2050.

The architects said  the development – called Capital Cairo –  has been: “Designed in harmony with the local environment and shaped by the natural landscape, the vision for this new city was created to specifically meet the needs of a modern city with a burgeoning economy.”

The project will also involve relocating government buildings and foreign embassies from central Cairo.

“While we are at the earliest stages of design, the new city will be built on core principles that include places of education, economic opportunity and quality of life for Egypt’s youthful population,” said SOM’s city design expert Phillip Enquist.

“The new city will be designed and built in harmony with nature as a showcase of environmentally sensitive development.”

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