3D printed home is earthquake resistant

3D printed home is earthquake resistant

Beijing architect firm Huashang Tengda has used 3D printing to construct a house which it claims will be able to withstand an earthquake measuring eight on the Richter scale.

The two-storey villa was printed on site over a period of 45 days using 20 tonness of concrete. The structure’s walls are 9.8 inches thick.

A magnitude eight event, which occurs somewhere on Earth about once a year, would normally cause moderate to heavy damage to earthquake-resistant buildings.

Huashang Tengda says it developed the technology itself, and that the huge 3D printer required to carry it out had only recently passed the testing stage.

he company added: “This technology will have immeasurable social benefits, particularly to improve farmers’ living conditions.

“Because of its speed, low cost, simplicity and use of environment-friendly raw materials, it can generally improve the quality of people’s lives.

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