3d design vital for rail projects

3d design vital for rail projects

BIM can play a vital part from initial concept through to the operational stage of rail infrastructure projects, according to Steve Cockerell of construction software company Bentley.

“The 3d technology is an increasing area of focus for the rail industry,” he said. “Some call it a revolution, but I prefer to call it an evolution. The technology has now got to a stage where you can create an integrated model of the whole project.”

Cockerell said design and build companies the Middle East are increasingly using BIM on rail transport developments.

He said: “Saudi Arabia is certainly using our projects on its rail infrastructure. But I don’t consider BIM a product anymore. It’s much more of a process and can be valuable throughout the entire lifespan of a project, from concept through to reality. Data is created all the way through and can be processed in such a way that it is available for all parties.

“There seems to be a great appetite for rail-related projects in the Middle East, The success of the Dubai Metro has shown that and now the city has the tram. And added to that rail is probably one of the most appropriate areas for BIM usage. And it is not just about the technology. It is about how the best use can be made of the information obtained.”

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