2014 – The year of the skyscraper

2014 – The year of the skyscraper

A record number of skyscrapers were completed in 2014 according to a survey by the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat.

Last year was the “tallest on record” with 97 high-rise structures of more than 200m completed – and 58 were in China.

Previously 2011 previously held the record for annual skyscraper construction, when 81 200m plus structures were finished.

Daniel Safarik and Antony Wood, who prepared the report, said economic factors could have some baring on the figures.

“Now that six years have passed since the global economic crisis/recession began in 2008, and given the long gestation and construction periods common to tall buildings, we are almost certainly seeing a post-recessionary recovery,” they wrote.

The pair also analysed the geographical breakdown of the developments. They stated: “Clearly, the Chinese juggernaut has not yet run out of steam.

“The country continues to see new 200-metre-plus completions in cities that previously had few or no such buildings, indicating that the massive plan to urbanise the country – requiring the urban relocation of some 250 million people – is underway.”

Last year also saw the completion of 11 “supertalls” – skyscrapers with a height of 300m or greater. This includes the 300-metre Abeno Harukas in Osaka, which has become Japan’s tallest building, and Chile’s 300-metre Torre Costanera, the first supertall structure in South America.

But the number of tall buildings being built this year could eclipse 2014’s record, says the report.  The council expects between 105 and 130 skyscrapers to be completed in 2015, with China once again leading the way



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