Kristina Zanic Consultants

Hotel design needs to think about a new generation
29 Sep 2019
Millennial-focused hotel design may be falling out of fashion, but it’s unclear what will replace it with hundreds of hotels ...
First pictures of Kristina Zanic’s Medina mosque revealed
16 Jun 2019
Kristina Zanic Consultants shares exclusive renderings of its first community mosque in Saudi Arabia
Interview: "I never thought I'll run another design firm again after leaving dwp," says Kristina Zanic
11 Mar 2019
The founder of her eponymous design firm shares why she doesn’t believe in conforming to pressures of maintaining high visibility, ...
Video: "Undercutting by design firms ruins the market for everyone," Kristina Zanic
28 Feb 2019
The designer discusses the challenges of working in a fee- and client-driven market
Kristina Zanic Consultants wins Interior Design of the Year Hotels at the 2018 Commercial Interior Design Awards
26 Sep 2018
Ritz Carlton Al Wadi Desert Resort by Dubai-based Kristina Zanic Consultants received award for best hotel design

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