Dubai Hotel Design

Waldorf Astoria DIFC is a throwback to 1960s New York
04 Sep 2019
Waldorf Astoria DIFC’s elegant interiors will take guests back to the 1960s Mad Men era when New York City brimmed ...
Danube may hire more interior designers for hotel business line
01 Jul 2019
Danube wants to supply furniture to top hotels with its new business division
Video: "Undercutting by design firms ruins the market for everyone," Kristina Zanic
28 Feb 2019
The designer discusses the challenges of working in a fee- and client-driven market
Video: David Lessard notes that the current wave of hotel refurbishments in Dubai follows a natural cycle
01 Feb 2019
The architect and co-founder of H+A, who has previously worked on the Yas Hotel Abu Dhabi project among others, discusses ...
Video: David Lessard shares why Dubai is not yet ready for the boutique hotel concept
29 Jan 2019
While hotel industry continues to boom in the UAE and the region, independent boutique properties are yet to become commonplace ...

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