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Experts shed light on using  experiential hotel design to establish a strong identity
18 Feb 2019
Experts shed light on using experiential hotel design to create a strong identity that differentiates their brand from the rest
W Amman's design references Jordanian culture and the city's traditional architecture
14 Feb 2019
The property is a new shining beacon of the Jordanian capital, which fuses the city’s cool character and its heritage
Comment: Is a big presence on Instagram the barometer of a successful hotel?
14 Feb 2019
It is a polarising topic that raises important questions about the user experience in hotels and drives home the fact ...
Interview: "If your hotel is being refurbished in three years, you likely got something wrong," says David Lessard of H+A
11 Feb 2019
David Lessard, architect and co-founder of the boutique practice, H+A, talks to Shweta Parida about the new shift in hotel ...
Gerard Glintmeijer, founder of Glintmeijer Design Studio on what influences bathroom design decisions for hotel projects
16 Jan 2019
Bathroom design in hospitality sector is largely driven by experience. But what are the major considerations shaping their design? Commercial ...

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