Dubai Design Week

Khalid Shafar's new agaal-inspired furniture line marries Emirati heritage with Venetian craftsmanship
07 Jan 2019
Khalid Shafar's latest collaboration with Italian brand, Arte Veneziana, marries Emirati heritage with Venetian craftsmanship. The UAE-born designer launched his ...
Chair design challenge to be showcased at Dubai Design Week
08 Nov 2018
Vitra collaborates with Dubai Institute of Design and Innovation to present reimagined perspectives on the iconic Panton chair
Superfuturedesign* creates an origami-inspired sculptural installation to be presented during Dubai Design Week
08 Nov 2018
The exhibit, called Parametric Surfaces, is a fusion of an innovative material and augmented reality
Creative Dubai series: Rue Kothari, fair director, Downtown Design
07 Oct 2018
Commercial Interior Design interviews key individuals from Dubai's creative community, featuring professionals working in creative bodies, initiatives, and design exhibitions

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