Zumtobel to exhibit lighting masterpieces by Hadid, Rashid and Eliasson at Design Days Dubai 2015

Zumtobel is set to present its three masterpiece lighting designs in collaboration with renown architects for the first time in the Middle East during this year’s Design Days Dubai.

The three ‘Masterpieces’ will be exhibited in cooperation with Italian designers Sawaya & Moroni. All three designs create an interplay between art and light.

The first piece is VorteXX designed by Iraqi-born architect Zaha Hadid, showcasing a symbiosis of organic lines in combination with dynamic modulation of colours. The design is based on the vision of an infinite ribbon of light. Its charismatically curved outlines are reminiscent of a double helix and seem like a continuously flowing form that is a perfect example of Hadid’s signature touches.

Along with VorteXX is the LQ Chandelier designed architect and artist Hani Rashid, the co-founder of Asymptote Architecture and brother of industrial designer Karim Rashid. LQ transforms a classical candelabrum into a contemporary sculptural lighting piece. The lighting effect of the chandelier is achieved by reflection, yet the source of enlightenment, the LED module, is imperceptible to the beholder.

Lastly, Starbrick by artist and sculptor Olafur Elliason known for his work with light and water. Starbrick presents an experimentation between space and light. The versatile modules can be used in a number of ways: as a pendant, floor or table luminaire. Modules can be linked up to build free-standing or suspended sculptures, ceilings or walls. Modern LED technology provides for flexible lighting options.




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