Yasuaki Onishi to unveil mountain-like installation in Dubai

Japanese artist Yasuaki Onishi has been commissioned to create a site-specific installation during Dubai’s Art Week event in March.

The project is a collaboration between Vida Downtown Dubai and The Mine, a contemporary art gallery showcasing work by emerging artists, as part of its #ARTINVIDA initiative.

Titled “Reverse Volume”, the installation will be sculpted for the hotel’s high-ceiling lobby area.

The artwork itself is a monumental, mountain-like structure which appears to float in space and is created using rudimentary materials.

Onishi uses plastic sheeting and black hot glue in a process he describes as “casting the invisible” which involves dressing a plastic sheet over stacked cardboard boxes,which are then removed to leave only their impressions.

This Onishi calls the process of “reversing” a sculpture, reflecting the nature of negative space.

The installation will be launced on 16 March at VISA Downtown Dubai and will carry on throughout the month.

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