Wallcovering suppliers you should know

Wallcovering suppliers you should know

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Wallcoverings can change the look of a space, and interior designers have a lot of choice in materials to use including wallpaper, tiles, paint or mosaics.

Trends for 2011 reported by Wallpaperdirect, a wallcovering website, and Brewers, a UK-based decorating firm, claim old classics have been revived in the industry along with graphic prints and colour blocking.

Melanie Adams from Wallpaperdirect said key looks to bring walls to life include incorporating toile into wallcoverings. “Toile has made a comeback this year, but with a twist,” she said.

“Classic designs have been re-invented in the latest colour combinations for a fashionable update on a time honoured tradition. These patterns on first glance look conventional but on closer inspection have a modern day parody or witty, clever design.

A palette of pastels, creams and whites with delicate pretty whitewashed furniture takes on a French-boudoir style.”

What Adams calls interior illusions is also a new trend with large-sized graphic prints combined with small accessories to create a retro look in the space. “The colour palette for this trend is earthy, using tones with fresh spring greens, yellows and neutrals to offset warm metallics,” she added.

“Be inspired by the 1950s and mix with retro furniture to create a maximum effect. Contrast mini prints against large furniture or team over-sized graphics with tiny accessories to create wow factor and whimsical contrasts of scale.”

She advises using personal touches in the design of wallcoverings and said Eastern influences were high on the agenda this year.

“Oriental style is being taken to a new direction for 2011. The East provides a strong influence, as interiors take traditional elements from the Orient and merge them with modern day materials,” said Adams.

With the Oriental trend, the colour palette will feature navy and indigo along with deep reds and vibrant oranges. The trend will retain ingredients such as bamboo and traditional motifs and will be set against black lacquer.

The result, according to Adams, will be contemporary and bold schemes, which will bring together modern and traditional Japanese influence.

Graphic prints and linear looks are in fashion this year, with greys, whites and creams combined with graphic prints. “Pleats, flocks, folds and unusual use of texture and pattern soften the graphic prints, while origami-style accessories add interest,” she said.

“Contrasting straight lines creates a linear look which ground the whimsy, making each room endlessly liveable. This tonal scheme accentuates areas by using 3D pattern papers and uses contrasting textures and colour to frame the interior features.”

Colour blocking is another wallcovering trend to watch out for in 2011. Turquoise is Adams’ pick of this trend and said bold colours are back in fashion.

“Use colour where you least expect it to accentuate and highlight features in the room. This trend plays with shapes, light and shadow to create an interesting mix of bold shades,” she said.

With a lot happening in the world of wallcovering, Commercial Interior Design speaks to suppliers you must know.

By Christophe Journot, regional director, Formica Middle East

Tell us about your company?
Formica Group leads the industry in the design, manufacture and distribution of High Pressure Laminate (HPL) for commercial and residential applications; Formica laminate is the original.

With over 95 years of innovation and manufacturing experience, Formica Group’s products include HPL, Formica ColorCore and Formica Compact in a selection of colours, designs and textures.

What sets you apart?
Formica Group continues to lead the market in decorative laminates, bringing a practical, relevant resource to create outstanding environments through the introduction of new textures and ranges.

Any news?
We introduced new colours, designs and unique premium textures, as part of the latest Formica Collection; a practical, relevant and complete resource offering inspiration and choice for beautiful and contemporary surfaces.

What are the current wallcovering trends?
Formica High Pressure Laminate (HPL) can be used as cladding for walls and other interior surfaces. Textures are a key trend. Formica Group has developed four premium textures; Rigato by Formica Group, MicroDot by Formica Group, Sculpted by Formica Group and AR Plus by Formica Group.
The Formica Colours range has added choices of subtle, architecturally inspired neutrals, atmospheric hues and accent colours to complement the trend of matching bold bright colours with neutral shades.

Any challenges?
We are mindful of sustainability considerations in the way specifiers are choosing to select materials. We have devised a road map of goals, and activities are in place to ensure we continue to meet and exceed the current legislation, regulations and ratings systems that our customers are working with.

How do we contact you?
Tel +971 4 329 8280

By Arshia Hussein, sales manager

Tell us about your company?
We are part of Omnova Solutions Inc., the largest global supplier of interior decorative surfaces. Muraspec have designed, manufactured and distributed commercial wallcoverings for over 40 years.

With our longstanding presence for more than 17 years in Dubai as the regional office for GCC and Middle East, Muraspec extends our services to the market to provide the best level of service and support to our valuable clients.

What sets you apart?
We believe we are the first wallcovering manufacturer in the world to produce a wallcovering using a fully recycled product without the need to add weight or vinyl file. Ruben is the first of these designs. We have reduced our carbon emissions by 22% since 2004 exceeding the Kyoto reduction target of 12.5%.

Using lean manufacture and Six Sigma programme, we have reduced the amount of waste product in the manufacturing process by 30%. We are an ISO 14001 certified manufacturing firm.

Current wallcovering trends?
We are adding great new designs in the existing range of our studio suite collection picking on the latest trends including Zeus, Grace and Emelia, a range ideal for the hospitality sector.

Also out are Plexus and Palermo, which offers subtle metallic shimmer and is available in pallets of six and nine colours respectively including trendy charcoal grey and a great selection of usable neutrals. Damascus satisfies the need for ever popular motif designs collection.

Any challenges?
We understand the importance of the environment and have acted to reduce our impact and give customers real choices to meet their environmental and product performance needs.

How do we contact you?
Our Dubai office:
Al Quoz Industrial Area 3,
P.O.Box: 34625, Dubai, UAE.
T: +971 4 338 7399
F: +971 4 338 7401

Warps & Wefts
By Veenu Kanwar, design manager

Tell us about your company?
Warps & Wefts LLC (with Design Coordinates) are the exclusive regional representatives for international brands of furnishing fabrics, wall coverings and furniture. We carry wallpapers from Romo, Villa Nova and Mark Alexander from UK; VFM from France; Jacob Schlaepfer from Switzerland and paperbacked fabric wall coverings from Creation Baumann-Switzerland.

What sets you apart?
Our collection, which includes a range of colours, patterns, textures and designs, with a variety of themes and technological innovations. We also supply custom made wallpapers produced in desired designs and specifications. We offer superior quality of products complemented by our professional service.

Any news?
Innovations in technology have changed wall coverings with added shimmer and texture using metallic, pearlised, glittered and dimensional inks. Quirkier fabrics include leather, linen and sandpaper. Superior, more substantial paper substrates and breathable non-woven fabric substrates are being used.

Current wallcovering trends?
Wall coverings today are joined by textured papers and decorative patterns with a rich array of natural elements and techno innovations, towards making a distinctive design statement.

Fashion and nature have infused an abundance of colours and patterns. Neutrals and browns are complemented by a riot of bolder colours.

Saturated golds, deep pear tones and topaz hues bring in the setting sun indoors. Coral and dark jungle green accents, tones of turquoise blue and sea green have seeped into wallpapers.

Taking a cue from the environment, florals, leaves, tree branches, butterflies and birds often adorn wallpapers in silhouette. Contemporary geometric patterns blend with ethnic and traditional motifs from around the world like damasks, paisleys, ombré, fretwork, medallions and mosaics, resulting in a multicultural expression.

Any challenges?
The Middle East is a very price conscious market. Very often clients compare prices of mere lookalikes without considering the quality.

How do we contact you?
Warps & Wefts LLC
Office No.1, Mezzanine Floor
Easa Saleh Al Gurg Bldg
Opposite Al Musallah Towers, Bank Street, Bur Dubai.
PO Box 25849, Dubai, UAE
Tel: +971 4 355 4867
Fax: +971 4 359 8092 / 355 7751

By Iain Murray, general manager, Middle East and Asia

Tell us about your company?
Newmor is a privately owned British manufacturer with over 40 years of experience in designing and producing wallcoverings used in hospitality, residential and commercial markets. Newmor established a branch office in 2003 located in Dubai.

What sets you apart?
Dealing directly with the factory brings many benefits to our customers and our flexible lead times and low custom production minimums are supported by in-house design, a vast portfolio of designs, backed up with stock, full technical support and of course value advantage.

Our bespoke production service is also popular with contractors and designers seeking unique designs.

Any news?
We have just launched our new contract quality collection called Vogue, which is a mix of contemporary geometrics and dramatic classic damasks.
We also use the latest technologies to produce our unique Surface IQ collection, which is a new generation of PVC free wallcoverings passing the most rigorous environmental certifications.

Current wallcovering trends?
There is growing trend for large scale printed design and the rapid advancement in technology with digital printing means that we can take any image or graphic and put it on any size wall. Horizontal effects, metallic and subtle textiles are in demand as well as classic effects such as damask and floral trails.

Any challenges?
Designing a wallcovering collection can take one or two years to develop, so staying ahead of, and predicting market trends are one of our major challenges.

How do we contact you?
Office GO3, JAFZA 5, PO Box 18329, Jebel Ali Free Zone, Dubai, UAE.
Tel: +971 4 887 2756
Fax: +971 4 887 2739

By Edson Khoo, regional head of product division wallcovering

Tell us about your company?
In Goodrich, we are fascinated with new colours, wholesome designs and interesting textures. From classic vintage, romanticism, modern contemporary, metallic, designer, wall murals to kid collections, expect fusion from Europe, America, Korea and Japan along with East-meets-West, oriental-flavoured wallcoverings hand-painted in China.

What sets you apart?
Since 1983, Goodrich is well known in the market for its extensive range of over 3,000 wallcoverings. We offer environmentally green wallcoverings and fabric, flooring and carpets to give our customers a one-stop service.

Any news?
From Verona Flock to Leather to Silk & Linens, Goodrich Global’s latest wallpaper collections are stunning. There are four categories of wallcoverings available in Goodrich which include Paper, Vinyl, Textile and Specialty.

Current wallcovering trends?
Designs that have changed include DIY, easy installation, ease of removal of wallcovering. Children’s selection is growing to cater to the affluent middle class.

The 1960s and 1970s saw bright geometric patterns, pop art designs and vinyl wallcoverings at the forefront of taste. By the mid 1980s, consumers preferred a minimalist look resulting in demand for wallpaper with simple and yet stylish designs.

In the 1990s, homeowners started to opt for painting walls in neutral colours and textured wallpaper with various colour themes. However, cyclical in nature, these trends are often recycled throwbacks from the past and come back with a modern twist. Just as yesterday’s fashion crimes become tomorrow’s vintage treasures, the trend for wallcoverings also varies.

How do we contact you?
No 5, 364 Road
Street 15A
Al Quoz Industrial 1
PO Box 304, Dubai
Tel: +971 4 341 9985

Kollektion & Co
By Lars Narfeldt, founder

Tell us about your company?
Kollektion & Co offers unique and functional Scandinavian design products. In wallpapers, we represent ECO, Borastapeter and Mr Perswall wallcoverings.

What sets you apart?
We are a young and performance driven company that will not compromise on quality. The products we represent are all Scandinavian designed and follow a strict quality and style ethos. As a Swedish owned and managed company we represent the best in value, functionality and performance.
Our wallpaper is characterised by being distinctive without being too extreme. Our products are young, individual and trendy whilst bringing over 100 years of tradition.

Any news?
During the last 12 months we have signed new brands such as SagaForm, design House Stockholm, Minus-Tio and oddbirds. We are working on a new concept store we hope to be able to launch at this year’s Index Exhibition in Dubai.

Current wallcovering trends?
We see a lot of timeless and classic designs from the early 20th century reappear but with colour schemes that follow a younger and trendier path with beige, brown, blue and red accentuated with greens, golds and purple.

Patterns are geometrical like checkered and stripes but also inspired by nature, flowers and leaves. ECO has just released the Tweed Collection, which found its inspiration from classical textiles, and with true-to-life fabric patterns through digitally printed feature walls, the collection heightens the textile quality.

In Boråstapeter’s new Oxford Collection we used hand-painted original wallpapers discovered in our archives to provide inspiration for some of the patterns, which bring together Swedish craftsmanship and classic, British tradition.

For feature walls, we work on a completely different level through Mr Perswall. Here we believe in the personal touch and invite the consumer into the design process. All our collections are influenced by trends, but we create collections that can easily be enhanced with personalisation because we do not believe in trends per se: we believe in expressing a personal story with the help of wallpaper.

Any challenges?
The challenge we sometimes face is to convince the consumer to believe in their own taste and style and to be daring. We want them to break away from the norm and dare to mix and match between colours and patterns.

How do we contact you?
Telephone: +971 4 330 6899

By Gina Vaduva, regional sales and marketing manager, Middle East

Tell us about your company?
RAME- Designer Solutions is a UAE-based company with a wide range of products such as fabrics, leathers, wall coverings, lightings and furniture; meeting all the high technical standards in the world for residential and hospitality projects. RAME opened its first showroom in Middle East in 2003. RAME- Designer Solutions’ products are selected by our experienced team.

What sets you apart?
RAME’s team provides support to interior designers according to the specification and size of the project, and provides catalogues and samples. We also provide assistance for custom made furnishing, lighting, wall covering for different architectures and sizes.

Any news?
In 2011, we are pleased to announce our partnership with Jason D’Souza and Bruno Triplet fabrics. Both companies are from the UK, which will diversify our portfolio with a special collection of curtains from Jason D’ Souza and Trevira CS, and very strong fabrics produced in Switzerland by Bruno Triplet.

Current wallcovering trends?
Modern, light and linen texture; wherever the designated area will be for some wallcoverings we always have to keep in mind the requirement of the customer.

In the Middle East lately there is the requirement of natural fibres which are more often asked for, but it depends on the customer and budget.

Any challenges?
A demand for products where sometimes the quality is not really respected and challenged by low cost products in the market or even copied.

How do we contact you?
Dubai Showroom; R A MIDDLE EAST LLC
Sheikh Zayed Road, 3rd Interchange
PO Box 34514, Dubai, UAE
TEL: +971 4 347 3888
FAX: +971 4 347 3881

Hitec Interiors
By Jixon Mammen, divisional manager

Tell us about your company?
Hitec Interiors L.L.C. was established in 2004 to market niche wallcovering products. We offer the complete range of wallcovering products that cater to each and every segment. Projects like Intercontinental Hotel, Dubai Duty Free, Ascot Hotel, Moopens clinic, Higher college of Technology, Grand Continental Hotel, bear testimony to our expertise.

What sets you apart?
Quality products need to be complemented with the best and the right installation to enhance the product value. Moreover, the ability to deliver things on time is key. A custom wallcovering can be provided within just 10 working days. We have stocks maintained in the UAE to provide easy logistical support.

Any news?
We are in the process of creating our own wallcovering brands in collaboration with renowned manufacturers from across the globe. We are currently working on the Al Bustan Hotel project.

Current wallcovering trends?
Digital wallcoverings are here to stay and are a designer’s delight, with some exciting options available. However, the standard embosses and prints will still continue to be trendy. Some 30-year-old designs are still popular with most of the designers/clients. Textile wallcoverings are richer to feel and look grand.

Any challenges?
Paints and stucco finishes have always challenged wallcoverings. In comparison though, it is seen that wallcoverings are a clear winner. Presently, our clients want new trends/colours once every three years, as a good wallcovering is not meant to last for 15 years.

Maintaining huge stocks could be risky under the present market conditions. Companies that have the right balance of stock and design will continue to lead the race.

How do we contact you?
Please contact us at:
Tel: +971 4 338 5880
Fax: +971 4 338 9380

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