Video: Valerie Courtet presents animal sculptures at Maison&Objet Americas

The second edition of Maison & Objet Americas runs from May 10 -13, 2016. Started in Paris 20 years ago and already expanded to Singapore and since last year the event brings the interior design and home decoration communities to Miami.

Known for her realistic animal sculptures, French artist Valerie Courtet has previously exhibited at Maison&Objet Paris and now debuts in Miami. Trained as a glazer at the Longwy manufacture in 2004, she has dedicated herself exclusively to animal sculpting. She models clay in keeping with the ceramic arts tradition, pays the closest attention to fur and plumage details, glazes her subjects with radiant colors.

“Since before I can remember, I’ve been fascinated with animals, certain of the possibility of being able to speak with them. The reality has never weakened my convictions… My work is only academic in the sense of ceramic art. I work with stoneware, a tough material, “the male of porcelain,” according to the Goncourt brothers. I like this textured earth, that I model with my bare hands, almost like playing with a big dog,” explains Courtet.

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