United Nude simplifies Lamborghini into an abstract form

United Nude simplifies Lamborghini into an abstract form

Dutch footwear brand United Nude has designed this polygonal black form by simplifying a classic Lamborghini sports car, entitled the Lo Res car.

It is a recreation of the Lamborghini Countach from the early 1970s designed by Marcello Gadini.

The vehicle is a two-seater with a black polycarbonate body that surrounds the passengers “like a transparent capsule.” The car itself is doorless but its entire top hinges up from the back to allow access inside.

Its minimal interiors includes a hexagonal steering wheel as well as other elements in polished steel.

“The Lo Res car can be described as a conceptual experiment rather than a conventional car,” said United Nude. “Its abstract appearance makes it look like a magical moving sculpture”.

The car was designed as part of the firm’s ongoing Lo Res project where it turns a number of objects such as shoes and chairs into faceted forms.

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