Trip the light fantastic

Trip the light fantastic

B5 The Art of Living, Beau McClellan Design, Nomad chandelier

UAE: Hot on the heels of designjunction in London and Index in UAE, Beau McClellan Design has partnered with bespoke interiors showroom, B5 The Art of Living in Dubai to sell its signature Nomad chandelier, and the brand’s recently launched lighting collection.

With its contemporary design and RGB (red, green, blue) LED technology, the five metre long piece uses the studio’s own mirror reflective coating. Designed to showcase its artistic, sculpture-like form during the day, the Nomad transforms into a semi-transparent light installation at night and costs EURO350,000.

Each of the LEDs used in the design can be individually controlled to create numerous colour effects and variations using a touch screen, iPad or iPhone. The light from the LED is diffused through frosted hand-ground optical crystal which magnifies the light, creating warm pastel shades. Customers can also specify modular pieces of the colour changing chandelier.

The Nomad recently took centre stage at the Pavilion in Downtown Dubai, as part of the first ever Festival of Interior Design (FoID), hosted by Karen Hay, founder, Stickman. McClellan hosted a networking event for the region’s designers, alongside young British Urban artist, Amartey Golding, whose wall art, also entitled Nomad, was auctioned to guests on the evening.

“Dubai is renowned as one of the most desirable markets for luxury design and I am confident my products will be a great fit for B5 The Art of Living,” said McClellan.

The lighting collection is available from B5’s Sheikh Zayed Road showroom and features a range of eight ready to buy lights, designed and developed by the designer.

“I wanted to make my art more accessible, to be appreciated by a wider audience, so we spent time developing a functional design-led product that brings a more affordable line to the Beau McClellan brand while still retaining elements of my signature style,” he added.

B5’s collection of European interiors brands have been chosen by founder Patricia Boettcher and includes Eggersmann (kitchens), Lambert (furniture), Doettling (safes), Jensen (beds), Junckers (flooring). Boettcher is also creating her own B5 collection, which will be arriving in store soon.

“Beau strives towards uniqueness, innovation and functionality in every piece he creates, and B5’s philosophy reflects the brand’s individuality. While the breathtaking Nomad chandelier will become our flagship product, I am confident the brand’s lighting collection will be a huge success, for those looking for high-design lighting pieces from this talented artist,” she said.

McClellan set up his company in 2007 and has enjoyed success in the Middle East, with commissions in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and interactive lighting sculpture Reflective Flow, Al Hitmi office development in Doha, Qatar. He has won four Red Dot Awards, a European design accolade and debuted his product collection in September 2011 at the designjunction in London.

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