Trend report 2017: Residential design

Trend report 2017: Residential design

Trend report 2017

Focussing on the latest trends that are currently shaping residential interiors, today we are releasing the fourth part of our Trend Report 2017 series.

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Today, Fouad Qeblawi and Daniel Brooks, founders of ONE OF A KIND design studio, share their design trends coming to homes this year.

Private clients demand residences with interiors tailor-made to their requirements, family structures and a desire to stamp their own personal style on their properties. We don’t see the growth in this sector slowing down as end-users continue to realise the ever increasing availability of bespoke custom supplies in the region.

Bespoke One of a Kind was established in 2016 based on a demand from clients who wish to build their dream homes on empty plots of land and establish their roots in the region. This year we will continue to challenge our clients to explore new residential interior options now available to them.


We’re seeing a clear move away from the ‘showroom’ look towards a more eclectic feel where clients want to ‘stand out from the crowd’ with everything from ‘found’ antiques, furniture pieces and lighting to artisan pieces sourced locally or internationally through dedicated galleries and dealers. With the ever expanding art and design scene in the region, 2017 will continue to see the demand for incorporation of regional cultural influences in residential design.

Lighting design

We believe in the importance of lighting design integration in all our residential interiors and it’s been exciting to see a number of European and international lighting designers and suppliers establishing themselves here in 2016. We see more clients opting to involve specialist lighting designers in their projects. Quality and availability in the region will provide confidence for our clients and this year will be the year that the lights really ‘turn-on’ in residential design.


Contemporary minimalist design will be popular in 2017 where ‘less is more’ and the use of one individual finish/material across a larger area will provide a refined canvas for residential interiors. Whilst classical design will remain a key requirement for some clients, alternative more contemporary finishes, such as polished concrete and terrazzo are sure to start trending in 2017.

Home vs hotel

Our clients want everything they would expect of staying in a 5-star hotel incorporated into their residential interior design. Whether that be a personal spa, recording studio, cinema, games room or state-of-the-art gym, we see a clear convergence of traditional commercial-led interior design continuing to extend into residential design requirements in 2017.


Last year has seen an ever-expanding availability of new quality products and finishes across the regional supply chain. While there has always been a desire by residential clients to explore these, their increasing availability will see residential designers able to support clients in that leap of faith on a journey of discovery. While residential clients are often money-rich but time-poor, quality will always remain key within the residential design and there will be no exception as we enter into 2017.


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