Top 10 finalists for Audi Innovation Award

Top 10 finalists for Audi Innovation Award

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Jordanian designer Sahar Madanat is the first place winner for the inaugural Audi Innovation Award for her dining set design that allows one-handed users to support cutting their food. The results were announced today at the 2017 Design Days Dubai.

Second and third place prizes went to UAE-based designers Mansour Attia and Nick Karintzaidis for a ‘Metro-bike fly-over’ and a Gaudi-style responsive bath system.

Here are the 10 finalists and projects selected for the inaugural Audi Innovation Award:

Sadeem Wireless Sensing Systems by Sadeem

Sadeem specializes in high performance flood sensing systems for smart city applications. The objective is to enable real-time monitoring of floods in cities (including flash floods), solving a critical societal problem, and facilitating the emergency response in the event of a flood through a suite of location-based services.

Atmos by Fortune Penniman

ATMOS is a project that re-visits the traditional Sebil Fountain with the capabilities of extracting drinkable water and cool-air from the atmosphere. A canopy that channels the unique climate of the Gulf into comfortable conditions for gathering outdoors. ATMOS is a space for gathering and respite, embedded within the culture of a place, but adapted to the technologies of today. ATMOS will utilize Atmospheric Water Generation technology (AWG), to harvest drinkable water from the air.

Transformative Packaging by Fatima Al Doukhi 


A sustainable alternative to packaging fragile items. Inspired by origami logic, Transformative Packaging uses a single sheet of paper, folded in specific tessellation to package any item for shipping. When fully compressed, the sheet creates a flat surface on the outside, and folded ridges on the inside that provide support and cushioning without a need for additional supporting materials. After use, the box can be expanded back to a flat sheet making it easier to discard for paper recycling.

Dubai Metro-bike Flyover by Mansour Attia 


Metro-Bike fly-over proposes a solution for dealing with Dubai’s vehicle based lifestyle, lack of safe cycling lanes and abandoned spaces under metro bridges. By adding a cycling path to Sheikh Zayed Road, the Metro-Bike path will establish cycling as prime alternative method of transportation across the city.

One Handed Tableware Set by Sahar Madanat Design Studio (winner)

A dining set with an integrated anchorage system that grants one-handed users support in cutting their food. The bottom surface of the plate is lined with a non-slip material to help fix the plate in position when cutting without the need of a counter force.

OWWLI by Musab Nahar

An IOT gadget that notifies its owner every time there is a door breach. As a tool, OWWLI can connect with world known API platforms in order to work differently for different users and has a simple 3 step installation process: 1 – Install the device on the door. 2 – Connect to Wi-Fi and app. 3 – Start monitoring a list of action to the app.

TITO Light by Hussain Aljabi and Mohammed Shukur

The project is about a Customisable Fragmented LIGHT that can be applied into every home, restaurant, office and outdoor public space due to its versatility. It has the ability to morph from a bedside lamp into a complete outdoor cloud light installation. The way each fragment is design allows for the creation of infinite organic shapes ranging in sizes which leaves the user with his imagination to bring his creations to life.

Project Human by Abdhul Hazeeb Madamapat 


Project Human is a citywide donation system designed to enhance the impact on humanity and enhance connectivity in the fight against poverty. The system brings service providers, donors as well as consumers an easy to access platform to make and collect donations. Each machine is equipped with a display system demonstrating the effects of poverty across the city, along with a digital payment method to make financial donations. and vouchers that can be redeemed at food stores or restaurants.

The Arab Regional Centre for World Heritage, Bahrain by Daniel Kobel


SACD is a design and advisory firm specializing in ‘culturally attuned’ projects. Since the firm’s inception, SACD has been involved in a wide range of cultural and sovereign projects worldwide. It’s clientele to name a few include, the Saudi Ministry of Foreign affairs, Qatar Foundation, The Bahrain Cultural Authority and UNESCO.

Gaudi System by Nick Karintzaidis


The design was born from the idea of how to provide maximum flexibility that reflects the individual lifestyle, helping to tell the story of a space and the people who occupy it, while addressing issues of energy efficiency and subsequently money saving.

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