The importance of outdoor furniture

The importance of outdoor furniture

Today, furniture trends are global and maintain influences sourced from all over the world. The latest and most popular contemporary furniture designs are light and clean, with nothing ornate. More so, we are now seeing a return to natural materials, like stone, wood and rope.

The latest trend I’ve witnessed is the use of a combination of designs and materials in a single layout. Kettal’s raison d’être is the creation of timeless furniture, functional and expressive, which represents a contemporary culture and provides solutions to the emerging needs of modern life. Based on a blend of creativity, customisation, innovation and modern production, Kettal develops products specifically for each project.

Today, Kettal works with the most important names in international design: Patricia Urquiola, Rodolfo Dordoni, Hella Jongerius, emilia design studio, and Jasper Morrison.

One of the biggest elements to be considering at the moment is that hoteliers are starting to understand that the outdoor area as an important source of income—from poolside daybed rentals to private pergolas, pergolas for outdoor massages, and sofa areas, which, when well defined, entice clients to stay in the hotel.

Each hotel has its own particular feature that should be born in mind when choosing the right furniture. Kettal recommends projects according to the space, offering services such as area planning (in the preliminary design phase), building made-to-measure structures, and so on, and making recommendations based on furniture style, use and budget. We work increasingly closely with product advisors to help them materialise their projects.

In this sector, ideal furniture requires minimum maintenance. So we are constantly innovating, not only in products but also in new materials for the outdoors, along with new treatments for traditional materials. Textiles for furniture, particularly outdoor furniture, are extremely important, even more so if they are used in high-traffic public areas. We work with the finest quality fabrics, removable covers, which are washable and, in some cases, stain-resistant.

An example of this is when we launched a new range of fabrics designed by Patricia Urquiola, made from an exclusive PVC-acrylic mix that combines the advantages of Porotex with the feel and softness of chenille.
The rugs are made from an innovative and exclusive fabric “Nido d’Ape”, which was the result of over two years’ research and created for Kettal.

Along with design, resistance and durability are fundamental qualities of outdoor furniture. Outdoor
furniture should be specially designed for use in hotels and large facilities, which means furniture should be made to be very safe and that it has undergone stringent controls throughout the manufacturing process.

Our products more than satisfy the strictest standards such as: tests on impact, fatigue, corrosion, rusting, abrasion, combustibility, paint adherence, resistance to the sun, moisture, and salinity.

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