Steelcase introduces the QiVi chair

Steelcase introduces the QiVi chair

Brodbeck Design, QiVi chair, Steelcase

Steelcase, office furniture, has launched the QiVi chair that promotes movement and is comfortable for long seated periods.

As part of the partnership between Steelcase Design Studio and Brodbeck Design, the QiVi visitor chair was created from the need to provide natural posture change to support collaborative settings.

Movement and dynamism are key features of the chair with the sliding seat and pivoting backrest, therefore the team concentrated on translating these two ideas in the visual expression of the chair.

The design effort also went into the sculptural aspect of the product, considering every angle of the chair and giving it three-dimensional shape. In every combination, whether it is a star base or a four  leg, it expresses comfort and identity

“Our researches and observations showed that in a meeting, people keep on moving constantly. Very often, they don’t adjust their chairs in collaborative work environments. They need chairs that are comfortable for long periods, with intuitive or automatic adjustments and that promote movement,” said Joanna Blank, seating product manager, Steelcase International.

The range is available in different models: plain and mesh backs versions;  four leg, sled, conference, all with or without armrests, including several options like writing tablets, ganging, row spacer, height adjustment or castor base.

“The innovation lies in the combination of a pivoting back and a sliding seat, which brings comfort and allows people to change postures easily. QiVi is also free of adjustments and offers immediate comfort. People can stay focused and engaged in meetings,” said Stefan Brodbeck, Brodbeck Design.


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