Salone del Mobile 2018: New collection by Pedrali is displayed as if “preparing to go on stage”

Salone del Mobile 2018: New collection by Pedrali is displayed as if “preparing to go on stage”

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Italian brand Pedrali’s latest collections were showcased during Salone del Mobile 2018 in a theatrical setting, where furniture pieces were treated as actors prior to stepping onto the stage.

Designed by Milanese architecture studio Calvi Brambilla, the stand acts as both a museum display as well as a installation for “product dramatisation”. Using the light bulb as both a symbolic and functional tool, it served as an architectural element as well as being a communicative tool. Throughout the stand, the architects referenced the world of art, architecture, and more specifically, theatre.

The 800m2 space featured a single architectural volume marked by longitudinal and circular openings strung with light bulbs, complete with seven individual spaces that displayed the brand’s latest collections.

The threatre aspect of the stand is is evoked by square, round, and rectangular platforms edged with light bulbs reminiscent of glamorous dressing tables found in actor’s changing rooms.

“Just as the leading actress puts the final touches on her look in the privacy of her dressing room, so the products are reflected in large mirrors, as if preparing to go on stage,” Pedrali said.

The space is dominated by the colour blue as a tribute to the works of artist Felix Gonzalez-Torres. The stand also incorporated a number of peep-holes that allowed guests to privately view dance performaces staged around the bran’s most iconic products.

Launching a total of thirteen new products, Pedrali worked with several designers including Catalan designer Eugeni Quitllet, Italian designer Luca Casini, Mandelli Pagliarulo, Patrick Norguet, Garuti Redaelli, Patrick Jouin, and Odo Fioravanti.

Soul and Remind by  Eugene Quitllet.

Some of the highlights included Eugeni Quitllet’s Soul chair that is defined by its minimalistic ash wood structure, featuring an interplay of flowing curves and subtle lines, juxtaposed with an ergonomic polycarbonate seat that appears suspended, and clasped by the skeleton of the frame, “almost like an embrace”.

The concept of Soul was to create a piece of furniture that blends old-age methods with cutting-edge technology, fusing nature with the machine.

Alongside Soul, Quitllet has also designed the Remind chair that is wholly made from injection-moulded polypropylene, inspired by the sinuous curves of wooden chairs created in the late nineteenth century. It is created in a “universal shape” which is able to fit in any interior setting. Its breathable texture makes the chair appear even more airy. The chair can be used for both indoor and outdoor settings.

Tribeca by Mandelli Pagliarulo

Another highlight in the new collection is Mandelli Pagliarulo’s Tribeca collection (which features a chair, armchair, and stool) is a modern interpretation of classic Sixties patio chairs made from steel and woven material, which draws inspiration from childhood memories of summer.



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