Salone del Mobile 2018: Benjamin Hubert launches athleisure furniture collection for Moroso

Salone del Mobile 2018: Benjamin Hubert launches athleisure furniture collection for Moroso

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London-based designer Benjamin Hubert‘s design agency Layer has launched a furniture family comprising a modular seat and table inspired by the concept of athleisure for Italian brand Moroso at the 2018 Salone del Mobile.

The Tape collection uses polyurethane tape to bond smaller pieces of textile together, which would otherwise be discarded in the upholstery process as waste.

This technique of bonding fabric together was inspired by the sporting industry, where tape is used in the design and creation of snowboarding, ski and wet-weather gear, in this instance used as both an aesthetic feature as well as playing a functional and constructional role in the furniture.

Layer partnered with a technical garment manufacturer to develop the tape technology, while advanced heat-bonding machinery was used in the construction.

A variety of fabrics from Danish textile brand Kvadrat were used to upholster the modular sofa and to construct the hammock-like shelf beneath the table.

“We do quite a lot of fashion work in the studio and we thought it would be interesting to put a big sofa through the machine,” Hubert told designMENA.

“They [the furniture pieces] are super simple- just soft blocks- but the interesting thing was to get this rubbery tape and then bond the bits together. It’s waterproof as wel so you can use it outside.

“Another thing is when you own a sofa you wear the edges and you wear the seams, so this material protects it. It’s quite a simple concept but just using a different construction technique and textiles.”

The Tape Sofa is the first modular sofa designed by Layer and comprises a series of modernist building blocks including seats, backs, and armrests, that can be combined in a variety of arrangements to suit a diverse range of interior spaces and styles.

Each block is sub-divided into smaller textile panels which are bonded together using polyurethane tape. It also features pockets which are connected to the arm modules using tape, can be used to store papers, magazines, or remote controls.

Alternatively, the Tape Table is made from a steel tubular frame with a perforated steel table top, featuring a hammock-style shelf beneath the table top that can store various items. The shelf is made using a piece of textile bonded with polyurethane tape. The textile panel can be easily interchanged to create a variety of colour and material combinations. It is available in coffee table and side table sizes.

Tape is the eighth collaboration between Benjamin Hubert and Moroso, and took 12 months to develop.

Benjamin Hubert was the keynote speaker at the 2016 designMENA Summit, where he spoke about using design for change. 

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