Salone del Mobile 2016: Citco opens doors to new designers

Salone del Mobile 2016: Citco opens doors to new designers

Citco opens the doors to a range of other world-famous designers to enhance the Design collection.

Besides Zaha Hadid, who collaborated with Cicto for more than three years, Norman Foster, Ferruccio Laviani, Arik Levy and Daniel Libeskind have also recognised Citco as a reference point for the design of marble, creating exceptional works for the company based in Verona.

The Hadriana and Hadrian tables designed by Norman Foster are “essentially made of two basic parts: the top in polished marble and a free-form sculpted base in the same material.

Hadrian table

In Hadrian, the base has a more robust form, an oblong cylinder that has been pinched inward along the two extremities to reduce the bulk. Both tables, in spite of the solid mass of the stone, rest lightly on the floor. The connection between the two main parts of the table is underlined in both cases by the inlay work (of the same precise form) generated by the penetration of the base in the top.”

Hadriana has a cruciform central base, delicately sculpture to be wider at the bottom and narrower at the middle, flaring slightly where it meets the circular top.

Hadriana table

The ductile nature of marble is also the protagonist in the Totem lamp by Ferruccio Laviani, available in two versions and a vast range of colours. The designer wanted to create an object “that was more like a presence, a table sculpture, reminiscent of Brancusi with an abstract and anthropomorphic shape, but useful at the same time, not just beautiful.”

The collection also includes the Splash lamp made in Carrara or Nero Marquina marble, with brushed brass legs: the idea of Arik Levy was that of marble that seems to melt before your very eyes, in an eternal dynamic movement, like the waves of the sea breaking on a rocky shore.

The Organvase collection of vases by the same designer expresses the objective, in all its versions, of sculpting marble, also making use of sophisticated technologies, making the material seem as slender and light as paper: the four different vase models are shaped to have a squared form on the outside that thickens in the central part, as if the sheets of marble had wrapped the precious vases, leaving only one or two openings.

Organvase by Arik Levy

The white Carrara marble of the Enigma table by Daniel Libeskind intersects in different ways, on different levels: “the shelving system has intertwining planes that seem to open and stretch in a dynamic gesture, following a parallel trajectory. The result is an extruded form, like a puzzle, of surfaces and openings, highly functional and sculptural at the same time.”

Enigma table by Daniel Libeskind

Finally, the Valle shelves invented by the visionary genius of Zaha Hadid, a long-term partner of Citco, are an astonishing, totally new product, based on the combination of different surfaces in Nero Assoluto granite, inspired by the beauty of nature and the power of geology. Each shelf has its own independent identity, but the set of four to hang on the wall accentuates the force of this small work of art.

The Valle shelves by Zaha Hadid


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