Salon del Mobile 2017: Davide Groppi showcases Infinito

Salon del Mobile 2017: Davide Groppi showcases Infinito

Davide groppi, Lighting design, Milan design week, Salon del Mobile 2017

With his latest product Infinito, Davide Groppi will be taking his world of light to Euroluce, the trade show for lighting design, during Milan Design Week 2017.

Groppi will be presenting his classic creations together with the Infinito, which is the third and last episode of his trilogy, which deals with the fundamental states of light: direct (the Nulla project), diffused (the Pablo project) and indirect light (the Infinito project).

Nulla (left) and Pablo (right).

Groppi’s designs and projects follow his four rules of love that turn the lamps into signature objects including: simplicity, lightness, emotion and invention.

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Infinito is thinner light and pays homage to the art of Luca Fontana and his spatial concepts. A thin strip of special metal alloy cuts the space and produces indirect light.


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