Poltrona Frau Group ME’s new showroom in Dubai showcases contemporary Italian design

Poltrona Frau Group ME’s new showroom in Dubai showcases contemporary Italian design

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Poltrona Frau Group ME has relocated its Dubai showroom from Downtown Design, opening in a two-storey building on Jumeirah Road – characterised by an array of contrasting materials such as marble, stone, and metal that reflect the landscape of the Middle East.

The showroom hosts three of Italy’s oldest and most regarded brands, showcasing Cappellini’s avant-garde designs, Cassina’s contemporary products, and Poltrona Frau’s meticulous craftsmanship.

LC3 armchair for Cassina at the entrance of the showroom

Large windows facing onto the main road of the Jumeirah neighbourhood allows for natural light to illuminate the indoor space and the array of furniture pieces on display.

Upon entering the building, visitors are greeted by a reception desk in bronzed brass with a marble top, set against a marble wall, with various pieces from each brand exhibited to provide an element of diversity to the space.

Curated by Giulio Cappellini, art director of Cappellini, the showroom is divided into sections that showcase each brand’s identity and products independent of one another. The overall space is reminiscent of a private loft, reflecting the trends and realities of contemporary living. An overall sober setting, the space utilises natural materials such as oak parquet and mastic walls.

Cappellini show space featuring an array of avant-garde designs

Cappellini products are showcased in a single 90m2 space, where new designs are exhibited alongside the company’s long sellers. The colours of the pieces on display correlate with the regional landscape, with golden yellow nuances such as with the Vendome table in Brechè de Vendome marble by Giulio Cappellini, the beige Orla velvet sofa by Jasper Morrison, and the sand and the Sistemi walnut wall-mounted cabinet.

Gold reflections are also displayed in  Johan Lindstén-designed Meltdown, alongside pieces by Marcel Wanders, Fabio Novembre, Dimorestudio, and Werner Aisslinger.

The Cassina brand, which turned 90 years old last year, is distributed across two floors and is characterised by its new in-store image, called In-store Philosophy 3, developed by the company’s art director Patricia Urquiola.

Cassina’s show space is divided using perforated 3D metal sheets. 

Areas within the showcase are divided by perforated 3D metal sheets and graphic anodized aliminium screens with vertical louvres, offering various perspectives on contemporary living environments.

Utrecht chair by Cassina.

Much like Cappellini, iconic pieces from the brand’s collection is showcased amidst its new products, with designs by Le Corbusier, Pierre Jeanneret, Charlotte Perriand, and Marco Zanusa displayed alongside new designs, including Urquilo’s Floe Insel and Beam Sofa System.

Jamie Hayon for Cassina.

Cassina Dubai is part of the company’s international expansion plan, which underlines the importance of international distribution. In 2016, Cassina also opened directly-owned stores in Scalo Milano, Shanghai, and Madrid.

Cassina’s layout evokes contemporary living.

The Poltrona Frau brand is set on 340m2 of retail space across two floors, inspired by the company’s showroom in Via Manzoni, in Milan.

Poltrona Frau’s show space features warm hues and materials.

The show space features warm hues and materials, including natural oak wood flooring, with walls featuring soft leather panels in light grey from the Poltrona Frau Colour System.

Exhibiting spaces which are both large and intimate, each area of the brand’s show space tells the story of its design philosophy, from the living room to sleeping areas, dining and office layouts.

The notion of comfort, which is central to the brand’s products, have also taken on a new evolution, evoking a new hybridisation of living, which blurs the line between living and working.

This can be seen through the Let it Be project by Ludovica + Roberta Palomba which features a system of free sofas that can be completed with a series of accessories that multiply its function. The same approach is adopted in the design duo’s Mr. Moonlight bed.

A dedicated area of Poltrona Frau’s iconic armchairs, designed by the brand’s founder, Renzo Frau is also on display in the Dubai showroom 1919, Club, Lyra, and Chester.

“The opening of Dubai marks a key step in the growth path of Poltrona Frau’s retail strategy,” said Nicola Coropulis, general manager of Poltrona Frau. “During the course of this year, we have planned several openings from Tokyo in March, Hong Kong to Shenzhen to Guangzhou, just to name a few. Everything is part of a global strategy of attention to retail and distribution formats that enhance the brand experience.”


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